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Eli asked 8 months ago

Budget: $1200-$1400
Country: USA
Screen size: 15″+
Touch screen: No/ do not care
 Screen resolution: 1080p base, but 1440p+ would be awesome.
 Does battery life matter ?: Not really, needs to last doing OneNote for meetings, but photoshop will be plugged in.
 What tasks will laptop be used for (gaming, video editing, graphic designing, modelling, regular computing tasks, word processing etc.) ?: Professional graphic and video editing with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and meetings and emails with OneNote, Outlook.
Weight: >5lbs.
Any other important details ?: I want to maximize my budget, without paying for too much I don’t need. I need 60hz, I use a Wacom tablet so touchscreen doesn’t matter, RGB is fine but I need to control it, no unicorn vomit that is hard stuck. Just a simple, straight-foward, creator laptop.

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laptopdeals Staff answered 7 months ago

This MSI Creator 15 A11UD-671 would do the job well for you. It sits right within your budget , has the performance power you’ll need in a CPU, GPU and RAM and importantly, it has a very color accurate QHD 60 Hz display.  This laptop is actually designed and calibrated for your type of work. 

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